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Because concrit's always awesome. Feels good man.

Standard HMD regulations up in this post.

IP logging is disabled.
Screening is disabled.
Anon is enabled.

Feel free to use these other metholds of reaching me, as well.
AIM: claretGrimoire
EMail: soverygreen(at)GMail(dot)com
Plurk Verantze

Thanks for your time.
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"Heya, this is Devola. Sorry you missed me, but if you leave a message I can at least try to get back to you.

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In this post I ramble to myself about things no-one cares about as related to NieR's canon and Devola's (and I suppose by extension, Popola's) part in it.

If you couldn't see the big red text warnings in other posts, "HERE THERE BE SPOILERS", well, there's one right there, as well.

I welcome any questions, arguments, discussions, et cetera. I guess you could tall this a kind of a second HMD in that regard, only more geared towards jawing about NieR in general.

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(This post serves as part of a prompt for the November event at [ profile] thevelvetkey (Log Link here) because I type too much. It's dated out of order because... well, I'm not sure why I did it, but I did.)

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Welcome to spoiler hell, folks. Hope you finished NieR by now...
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